☆★ Kimber Fernandez


So since yesterday. I've installed 103 sims in my game. That are mine.
Took a decent pic of them. Then made downloadable pictures for them.

I have 22 sims, that WON'T install though. Mostly Fernandezes. Ughhh, does anyone know why a sim wouldn't install?! D:

Edit : They're young adults x_x....
☆★ Alicia gone crazy


Look who will be back soon :3 If any of you remember her, lol.

Iris Siriocra!

In other related news, I accidently deleted like, all of my posts, not ALL on purpose but it turned out that way ://
So I'm only reuploading and making posts for my legacy sims and multi pts, but other than that, my other stuff is all gone. Currently going in game and reinstalling every legacy sim I've managed to save and taking a new pic. Sooo...a long process awaits me :3