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racetrackd's Journal

Hey, You have stumbled across the livejournal for a one Nicole E. This journal is for posting sim related stuff. I do have a more personal journal but it's rarely used so no need to link it up. At this journal you will find random sim pic spams, legacies, sim downloads, and maybe random downloads once in awhile. Other than that, you're at a dead end if you're looking for something else.
In case you're interested, but probably not, I like the color blue. I have a daughter named Gabriella who is as on 11/24/10, 1 month old. She's so precious. I have 2 cats and a dog. I still live with my mom :P Because I'm awesome like that. I work part time at a place I'd rather not. I am on livejournal sooo much because there is nothing else to do. That or playing the sims.
In sim related news, I post 2 legacies and a queen bee right now. The 2 legacies I'm working on are the Niji's and the Siriocra's. I sometimes, but rarely do hair recolors. Blah blah blahhhhhh......
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